Building your Customer Engagement Platform


Your customer’s world has become increasingly digital. This has dramatically changed the way she connects with brands, researches products and makes purchase decisions.

To address this change and avoid becoming irrelevant, many businesses have invested heavily in digital assets.  These assets commonly include:

  • Scalable CRM systems
  • A range of tools such as marketing automation
  • New capabilities such as those needed to drive content marketing initiatives
  • Online loyalty programmes to increase engagement and data acquisition

This type of investment means that almost all businesses now have a lot of data on their customers, or at the very least can get access to it if they wish.

But, this ever expanding universe of customer communication and data collection has also created an environment that is tricky to navigate and manage.

The challenges business commonly face are:

  • Internal systems and tools that don’t work efficiently together
  • A view of the customer that is disjointed across the different parts of the business
  • A digital experience for the customer that is confusing and needlessly complex
  • Data within the business that isn’t fully leveraged, properly valued or ‘untidy’
  • No clear metrics to measure what is working well and what isn’t.


A major implication for this disjointed approach is that it makes it difficult to take a holistic approach to customer experience and it hinders innovation. Organisations need to step away from simply focusing on the technology and take an integrated approach to customer experience and engagement.

W3 Digital is a market leading digital consultancy specialising in Customer Engagement Platform strategy, design and delivery. We offer strategic advice and executional talent to help you build an integrated digital Customer Experience Platform. We help our clients get their digital assets running intelligently, fluidly and harmoniously so they can begin to innovate quickly around what their customer wants.

We will design a bespoke system that ensures your brand stands out in a crowded market.

The steps required to get this right are:

  • Analyse your data – build a value framework to guide investment decisions
  • Create your strategic approach – Focus is the key. Technology can do a lot, but this often lures business to try to do it all – and do nothing well.
  • Design the service that will differentiate your brand – once opportunities have been identified, co-creating with customers to deliver the best service will ensure success.
  • Align the technology – finally choose the technology that will enable the desired experience.

W3 guides you through this activity as a step to an innovation driven process with a longer term view. Not only will you get the foundation to your data, customer and digital strategy right, but you’ll go beyond that to develop a unique and innovative competitive advantage.

Our Customer Engagement Platform strategy will give you a clearly articulated and actionable plan that delivers the technology, process and capabilities to provide:

  • consistent customer experience to increase customer love and loyalty, such that your customers stick with your brand, and become active advocates – whether on a website, app, e-commerce store, online game or engaging in a loyalty program.
  • Integrated technology platforms that work together providing significant internal efficiencies
  • Integrated internal systems and processes that speak to and inform each other, providing efficiency gains and a single view of the customer throughout your business
  • Centralised, cleansed and valued data to help you understand how much your data is worth and how to best extract the value out of it to take your customer to the next level of engagement.
  • Measurements and metrics that will be able to attribute the utilisation of your customer data with rises in customer satisfaction and assess impact this will have on your revenue.

W3 Digital helps you create a ‘system’ where you can easily and rapidly imagine and test what your future might look like, where attractive opportunities may lie and where new revenue streams may be generated.

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