Secrets of popular Facebook pages

Acquiring an engaged community in the social media space isn’t easy. Just because half of Australia’s population happen to be on Facebook it doesn’t mean that they will come to your page. To make sure you see a return on any investment into social media brand development, you should understand the techniques that actually work. Lets have a look at a few well-developed tactics and see who is doing it well.

People respond to interaction much better than one way communication. It doesn’t matter if you are using social media or chainsaw juggling to deliver the message, the audience will always be more enthusiastic when they feel that you’re talking with them, not at them. Take a look at the Vegemite Facebook page to see a brand that is doing this well.

The social media team at Triple J understand that people love to participate. They like to make their audience feel respected and tell them they are part of something fun. The audience are not “fans” – they have influence. The more they feel part of something, the more they visit and interact, and the faster the community grows. Everyone wants to belong.

It’s not all about you
Having a well-developed community means you understand that your audience is more important than you. Yes, they have connected with you to find out more about your brand – but for it to remain relevant it needs to fit into people’s lives. Cricket Australia understands that their role is to connect their fans to cricket in general and offer value to their audience. Check out their page:

Invite conversation
Some brands have been slow to adopt social media as they have been afraid that their audience may express negative views. The problem with that perspective is that you are in effect censoring your customers. This is not a great idea if you want to build relationships and grow your customer base. You are much better off by actually inviting conversation, and dealing with negativity openly and honestly. Take a look at the Bubble O Bill Facebook page to see how it can be done well:

Use apps
Facebook apps do more than just run competitions and promote “likes” your page. They can be really great ways of engaging your audience and gathering valuable data. Take a look at the “Discover Now” app on the See Australia page. It uses your friend location data to show the activity of people you know around Australia. A fairly simple premise but a great way get the user exploring what the country has to offer.

It’s not enough to simply set up a page and expect it to magically produce results. Managing a community takes work but the rewards are there if you get it right. If you spend some time looking at what really popular pages are doing there is a lot to be learnt about getting a return on investment.

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