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The battle of the data giants

  On the 9th of September Apple held its latest product release event. Apple are masters of the great reveal. They are the gold standard for creating brand buzz. But under all of the hype and excitement there is a deeper story starting to develop. Yes, it is do with the new phone models and […]

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The Three foundations for Digital strategy success

Delivering quality digital experiences is challenging. Investing in customer insights and feedback is just the starting point. To ensure success there needs to be a balance between engaging your customers and delivering tangible results. A recent Forrester study called ‘Mind the Gap’ discovered that one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in realising their digital […]

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How to value customer data

As digital marketing techniques have gained acceptance and matured over the last few years the momentum to collect and utilise data has rapidly gathered pace. In the customer experience and communication space ‘data’ has become the catch-all term for anything digital including contact details, transaction history, behavioural information and even content such as images or […]

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