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Secrets of popular Facebook pages

Acquiring an engaged community in the social media space isn’t easy. Just because half of Australia’s population happen to be on Facebook it doesn’t mean that they will come to your page. To make sure you see a return on any investment into social media brand development, you should understand the techniques that actually work. […]

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NAB missing social media opportunities – again.

On the 18th of June 2012 a demonstration was given in how the traditional advertising  campaign approach is missing opportunities online. On that day a number of tweets were from NAB to Australian Twitter users. They let users know that a new campaign to “reward honesty” had been launched. I received one of these tweets and […]

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The five rules for fostering a vibrant community

Online popularity seems to be difficult for some brands to manage. Setting up a Facebook page and a “like us” link on your website just won’t do the trick. You have to be engaging. You have to be interesting. If you or your company are planning on using social media as part of your branding and […]

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Social Marketing is a process

Social media marketing is a long term game. To the initiated this is an obvious statement, but I still find it surprising how often social platforms are used to try generate spikes in interest – in other words used in the same way the “one way conversation” media channels such as television and radio are […]

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Facebook’s Timeline Update

Facebook is increasingly being viewed as a way organisations can develop a dialogue with potential consumers and build their brands. Many Australian companies have spotted this and have put up a page for their brand. On the 30th of March a new format means that all of these pages will change forever. So to be sure that your […]

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No more speed dating

Much has been made of the way that people interact online. There have been a lot of discussion about how the attention spans of social media users are getting shorter, and possibly more superficial. In many ways there is some truth to this point of view. Many interactions in the social web are light and […]

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Letting go – dealing with negative comments online

The social media space and it’s seemingly endless supply of instant feedback loops can be a scary place for some people. One of the most frequent questions I’m asked when discussing social media strategy is “how do we control messages when people say something about our brand that we don’t like?”. The answer to this […]

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Social media is changing retail

Almost everyday we hear about the struggling retail sector. Despite weathering the GFC far better than most of the developed world, here in Australia our bricks and mortar stores can’t seem to get people to part with their money.

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Thought leadership strategy in social media

Social media, combined with some careful strategic planning, is a perfect channel for developing a thought leadership marketing plan. And if you get it right it can be transformative.

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