The state of digital transformation in Australia

The rise in interest in “digital business transformation” within the global business community has been meteoric over the last couple of years. A quick search in Google Trends confirms that. Why is this so, and what does it mean for businesses in Australia? Following the GFC in 2008 the term “digital transformation” was hardly discussed or understood. Ten years down the track it seems that organisations, large or small, public or private, are focusing on their approach to dig

A digital assistant story – the connected customer

Early one Monday morning in the not too distant future one of your customers, let’s call her Alice, wakes up and, as she has for years, reaches for her phone. What happens next marks a profound change in the way she interacts with your brand forever more. Alice has just purchased a new phone which contains the next generation of digital assistants. This digital assistant (DA) has access to every piece of data that Alice generates. It knows who she has met, what she has bought